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'However, the show was stolen by her niece, Erika, played by the astounding Judith Lebiez. Not only was her voice a delight to listen to but her characterisation was also incredible. Judith fully captured the intense anger at the end of the first act after Anatol (excellently portrayed by William Searle) and her aunt confessed their love for one another, violently throwing her bright red shoes across the stage and tearing down the dustsheets around the house in an act of heated passion and fury. This contrasts with some of the character’s other moments, where the audience witnesses uncomfortable scenes of anguish and sadness as Erika is gradually abandoned by her family'.

'The part of Juno, who made a brief and haughty entry towards the end, was formidably executed by Judith Lebiez, who filled the space with such power and stature as is befitting of the queen of the gods.'

'Undoubtedly, the star of the show was Judith Lebiez’s Eurydice, who exercised perfect control and excellent vocal range, and sang with the raw emotion her character deserves'.


'The performances (including those of the excellent supporting cast) carry the weight of the tragic pathos very effectively, with stand-out turns by the two lead actresses Mingam and Lebiez. The latter's ability to stare into the distance defiantly, yet transfixed in the throes of guilt, was captivating.'

(Hermione in Andromaque)



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